Get the Best Psychiatric Services in Bangalore

In India, a large number of patients with unidentified yet serious psychiatric disorders are inadequately assessed. The need and purpose of setting up psychiatric services in Bangalore is to instruct and guide practitioners who deal with patients showing psychiatric symptoms.

Imagine a woman cleaning the house all day long, and then getting aggressive if stopped from doing so. This is a sign of Obsessive Compulsive Behavior. Or in another case, when a person feels elated for months, and then suddenly and for no good reason, gets sad for a week before going into depression. This is a symptom of Bi-polar Effective Disorder.

These kinds of illnesses are treated under the supervision of Psychiatric Therapists. These lines of doctors first diagnose and assess the individual through various questionnaires and tests (for e.g. Ink Blot Test). They also perform some physical tests such as Image Braining and take a few blood samples to understand the severity of the situation. These all examinations help them determine the type of medication to be used and whether to hospitalize the patient or not.

Psychiatric Therapists use a variety of treatments such as Psychotherapy, psycho-social interventions, medications and other treatments as ECT. The most efficient and widely used among these is Psychotherapy, also known as Talking Therapy, where the therapist tries to develop a psychological relationship with the patient. The patient thus becomes comfortable and readily shares his concerns with the doctor.

Then there is Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which is a goal-oriented therapy that focuses on problem-solving. The most intense of these is Psychoanalysis, which stretches on for years to bring the patient in the mainstream.

Cadabam's hospitals offer psychiatric services in Bangalore that are continually devoted to incorporate latest treatment approaches into their system. Our expert group of clinicians belonging to various disciplines is united under the belief that an integrated treatment is the most result-giving way of treating patients with mental illness.

Hence, with a positive attitude of psychiatric therapists and the family of the affected person, any disorder can be tamed.

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